50 Cash Businesses to Consider

50 Cash Businesses to Consider

Today’s society is becoming increasingly cashless. With all the other options available, ranging from credit and debit cards to mobile payments and even virtual currency, many consumers are seeing less use for cash.

But running a cash business still has its benefits. It allows businesses to reach customers who don’t have access to credit or the devices needed to make mobile payments. It also allows you to avoid credit card fees and other expenses that go along with collecting various types of payments. If you’re interested in running a cash based business, here are some ideas.

Cash Businesses to Consider

Coffee Cart

Cash payments can work well for businesses selling items that don’t cost a lot, so customers are likely to have the cash on hand. A coffee cart is perfect for those quick transactions.


You could also start a bakery offering various baked goods that customers can purchase through quick transactions.

Personal Chef

If you want to work more in depth with clients, you can start a business by working as a personal chef, cooking specific meals for them and then collecting larger payments in cash.

Local Bar

Bars and restaurants today often collect a variety of different payment types. But you can still run a cash only bar as long as you make it clear to customers up front.

Convenience Store

Convenience stores or small corner stores sell a lot of small items that customers can potentially purchase with a little bit of cash.

Health Foods Store

You could also focus more on a specialty type of store like a health foods store or one that only sells a specific type of food item.

Carry Out Restaurant

If you want to start a small restaurant that offers mainly carry out items, you could make it a cash only operation.

Delivery Service

You could also offer a delivery service for consumers who want food or other items delivered directly to them.

Transportation Service

Transportation is another area where you can offer a service to clients and collect your payments in cash.

Dry Cleaners

You can also open up a dry cleaning business and collect payments from customers in cash.


50 Cash Businesses to Consider - Dry Cleaners
Laundromats traditionally work using a cash only format, so this should still be a fairly straightforward idea.

Errand Service

If you want to offer a variety of different services to customers, you can start an errand service where you handle various errands like laundry and grocery shopping in exchange for cash.

Security Service

You can also offer security services to businesses and individuals on a contract basis, and just make it clear that payments should be made in cash.

Farm Stand

For entrepreneurs who want to grow food or similar items, you could set up a farm stand and let customers make purchases with cash.


Similarly, you can just grow a variety of different plants and then sell them to customers in a nursery setting.

Farmers Market Vendor

With food and plant items, you can also reserve space at local farmers markets and sell your items in that setting.

Flea Market Vendor

Flea markets allow vendors to sell a variety of different items, from handcrafted jewelry to secondhand goods.

Craft Show Vendor

Or you could focus more specifically on handmade items and sell them at craft fairs where you can collect cash payments.

Gift Shop

For a more stable business setup, you can open up a small local gift shop that only deals in cash.

Clothing Store

Or you could choose a more specific niche for a local store. For instance, open up a store that just sells clothing and accessories.

Local Market

You can also open up a local market that sells food and grocery items and only accepts cash payments.

Mobile Retailer

Another format for a retail store, you can keep all of your inventory in a trailer or other mobile setting and set up shop at fairs and events.

Fair Food Vendor

Or you could sell food items out of a cart or other mobile setup at fairs and similar events.

Face Painter

Another business that you could run mainly at local events is a face painting booth, collecting cash payments in exchange for your services.

Caricature Artist

You could also offer up your artistic services as a caricature artist at events or high traffic areas.

Auto Detailing

50 Cash Businesses to Consider - Auto Detailing

For those who like working with automobiles, you could start a car washing and detailing business that collects cash payments from customers.

Child Care

You could also start a day care or babysitting service out of your home or by visiting your clients at their homes.

Pet Sitting

Similarly, you can offer pet sitting services to travelers and busy pet owners in exchange for cash payments.

Pet Grooming

Another great business opportunity for animal lovers, you can start a pet grooming business to clean and groom dogs and cats.

Pet Training

Or if you’re skilled with training dogs and other animals, you could offer your services as a trainer in exchange for cash.


For those who enjoy working outside, you can start a lawn care and landscaping business that accepts cash payments from clients.


Additionally, you could start a business where you specialize in gardening and more intricate outdoor projects for clients.

Yard Cleanup

Or you could focus more on the dirty work and offer yard cleanup services for pet owners.

House Cleaning

You can also build a cash business around house cleaning. Just build up your client base in your area and collect cash payments on a set schedule.

Antique Shop

Antique shops often collect cash payments from customers. You can set up your own shop or antique mall or even deal antiques at various events.


If you have knowledge in a specific subject to share, you can work with clients one-on-one as part of a tutoring business.

Personal Trainer

For fitness minded entrepreneurs, you can work with clients one-on-one at gyms or even from home.

Fitness Instructor

Or you could work with multiple customers at once by teaching classes in particular areas like yoga, pilates or kickboxing.

Music Instructor

For those who are more musically skilled, you can also set up your own cash business around offering music lessons.

Dance Instructor

Similarly, you can teach dance classes to groups or individuals and collect regular payments in cash.

Alterations Service

If you’re skilled at sewing, you can offer your services as a tailor where customers bring in their garments for alterations.

Computer Setup and Repair Service

For those who are more tech savvy, you can offer your services to those who need help setting up or fixing issues with their computers.

Smartphone Repair Service

There are also a lot of customers who need help with smartphone repairs, like cracked screens or water damage. So you can open up a business that specializes in this area.

Resume Service

If you want to start a business that helps job seekers, you can offer services as a resume or cover letter specialist.

Estate Sale Service

You can also help people in your community organize and run estate sales. You can then charge a flat fee or a percentage of the total sales.


50 Cash Businesses to Consider - Carpenter

If you are skilled at working with wood, you can set up a carpentry workshop and then offer handcrafted products or custom carpentry services.


You can also offer general handyman services to homeowners in your community in exchange for cash payments.

Moving Service

If you have access to a truck and some moving supplies, you can offer packing and moving services to those needing assistance.

Recycling Service

You can also offer to pick up junk and items for recycling in exchange for a flat fee.

Tour Guide

If you live in an area that’s popular with tourists, you can set up a tour guide business where you offer set tours or answer questions in exchange for cash payments.

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